Monday, July 16, 2012

Woodland Scenics | Rusty's Regret Model Car

This Porsche has been parked outside the Western Homestead Shanty on my layout for the past three years. You might say I enjoyed the inconguence of a brand-spanking-new car outside the rundown shack.

But what was the story here? 

Woodland Scenics Auto Scenes Vehicles
Life Like Train's Western Homestead Shanty. But why is there a Porsche parked outside?

Had the car been won in a raffle by the occupants of said shanty? Was the shanty a front for some illegal activity? Had someone's cover been blown, and they had to take refuge in a little shack on the Sunny Model Railroad, with the dead giveaway being their baby-blue vehicle parked outside?

And is the lady, hanging the laundry out back, an accomplice to these shenanigans?

Recently rummaging through my e-Hobbyland order from a couple of years ago, I realized that there were still several Atlas and Woodland Scenics models yet to be built.

And I was pleasantly surprised when I rediscovered this Woodland Scenics model car, still sealed in the original packaging. I had totally forgotten about it!  I must have had the shanty in mind when I ordered ol' Rusty.

Woodland Scenics Auto Scenes Vehicles
Woodland Scenics Rusty's Regret from their Auto Scenes collection of cars and vehicles.

Woodland Scenics Rusty's Regret is a nicely detailed model, all plastic, though I wish it were die-cast. It could also do with a little more authentic weathering, which I plan to do soon.

Rusty's going to get even rustier after I'm through.

Woodland Scenics Auto Scenes Vehicles
Rusty's Regret in front of the rundown old shanty. Now that's more like it!

Woodland Scenics Auto Scenes Vehicles
There's a certain charm and melancholy in this picture of Rusty against the setting sun coming through the window.

Looking at these pics, I'm inspired to a lay a sandy driveway in front of the shanty instead of the thick flock of grass where the car now sits. One can never be done working on a model railroad.

Woodland Scenics Auto Scenes Vehicles
This picture brings more of the shanty into focus -- note the weathering on the walls and the barrel detail at the side. And I still have to get around to concealing that plastic base!

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