Saturday, July 14, 2012

Woodland Scenics | Deer Figures

As I mentioned in an earlier post about Adding Figures To A Model Railroad, I enjoy going 'figure shopping' and looking for new things to add to my model railway.

Seeing this Deer set by Woodland Scenics, I immediately knew where I wanted to place them -- behind the Country Chapel on the hill!

Woodland Scenics Deer Figures
Woodland Scenics Deer. The tree stump in the background is included as part of the set. A nice touch!

I wanted to create an idyllic scene next to the Chapel, with shady trees and lush green grass. No surprise that wild deer might find their way here.

Woodland Scenics Deer Figures
A deer and her foal rest under a tree

I made the tall pine trees with Woodland Scenics Tree Armatures gluing on dark green Clump Foliage for the leaves. The light green tree, under which this deer is resting, was part of an architectural landscape model that someone had abandoned next to a stairwell in a carpark! Pretty cool!

Woodland Scenics Deer Figures
Closer view of the found architectural model tree. Note original white paint on the lower leaves.

I managed to salvage some 18 trees in total from that architectural display. Each tree is profesionally made out of twisted metal wire and every one was spray-painted completely white. Go figure.

To blend them into my layout, I first had to paint over the original white paint. I decided to use various shades of dark green and light green -- the light green to give the impression of sprouting new leaves. You can still make out some of the original white paint in this pic. Oops, missed a spot. Or two..

Also included in Woodland Scenics Deer set was this dramatically leaping stag. I attached it to a steep slope with good ol' Scenic Accents glue. Funny thing about this stag -- I occasionally have to re-attach standing figures because they either fall over, or start leaning at a peculiar angle. This stag has maintained its position since the day I put it on my layout in 2010!

Woodland Scenics Deer Figures
The Leaping Stag. Hmm.. sounds like a good name for a whiskey.

And looking at these deer figures up close, I'll need to break out the magnifying glass and super-fine paintbrushes one of these days to give the factory paint-job a little touch up. Those googly eyes are starting to bother me..

See my earlier post about building the Country Chapel model kit by Faller.

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