Monday, July 30, 2012

Western Homestead Shanty by Life-Like Trains Part 2 | Water Tank and Windmill

Also part of Life-Like Train's Western Homestead Shanty model kit is this Water Tank and Windmill.

The main challenge here was putting together all those wooden struts together cleanly, without using too much glue. As always, Tamiya Extra-Thin cement is the best model kit glue for this type of intricate handiwork.

Model Kit Life Like Trains Western Homestead Shanty
Life-Like Trains Water Tank and Windmill.

I painted the water tank, wooden supports and windmill struts with Humbrol's Matt Dark Brown.

Realistic, but pretty dull.

I think I will get hold of some matt dark green paint and paint over the wooden supports, just like the suggested paint scheme on the image on the box.

The blades on the windmill came pre-painted, or should I say, electroplated, a nice brushed-aluminum. It looks pretty good, so I'll leave that as is. Plus, it's nearly impossible to get that high degree of electroplated smoothness with regular brush-on paints, especially for plastic parts that are supposed to look metallic.

Model Kit Life Like Trains Western Homestead Shanty
Detail of water tank, wooden struts and supports, with wood barrels added in this picture. The white fence is for keeping the longhorn steer off the railroad tracks!

The Western Homestead Shanty kit also comes with an assortment of barrels and even a couple of longhorn steer. Family pets, perhaps?

Time to get rid of those ugly, factory-painted white spots on those longhorns, too.

You can read about how I modelled and weathered the Western Homestead Shanty, complete with hanging laundry, in this earlier post:

Western Homestead Shanty by Life-Like Trains


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