Saturday, July 21, 2012

Model Kit | House Under Construction by Faller

I finally got around to painting the wooden frame of the House Under Construction kit by Faller. As I mentioned in an earlier post (circa 2009!), I was planning to get around to painting the shiny, yellow plastic frame of the house a matte, woody color.

Model Kit Faller House Under Construction
Faller's House Under Construction before I painted the wooden frame. Figures are from Woodland Scenics Masonry Workers set.

In the second pic below, you can clearly see the plastic, almost translucent look of what are supposed to be wooden frames.  Will not do..

A couple of years ago, I had already given the walls of the house a brush of matte white paint which I then wiped off with a paper towel. This removed much of the white paint on the brick, leaving a thin, rough layer to simulate bare concrete brick. The white paint also settled into the seams between the bricks, which looked like cement holding the bricks together.

I was pretty happy with the effect, so I left the concrete walls alone. For now, at least.

Model Kit Faller House Under Construction
Closeup of the plastic wooden frames of the house.

I chose Model Color Buff which gives anything plastic the look of freshly cut lumber. And the great thing about Model Color acrylic paints is that cleaning up doesn't require thinners. Paintbrushes rinse out easily under running tap water. Just so long as the paint hasn't had a chance to dry out!

And as you can see from the pics below, I missed a couple of spots. Dang.

Model Kit Faller House Under Construction
Wooden frames of the house painted with Model Color's Buff.
This Faller kit also includes several pieces of tiled roof sections, allowing the model to be built according to various stages of completion. You can even go with a completed, fully-roofed house if you wanted to, but that would hide all that gorgeous detail of the lumber frame underneath.

For my model, I went with the half-tiled roof -- I wanted it to look like the workmen were at least making some progress in building the house. They have, after all, been at it since 2009!

Model Kit Faller House Under Construction
The brick-red tiled roof. I chose the half-tiled roof section from the kit.
You can read about the workmen figures I used in this scene here:

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