Sunday, July 22, 2012

Model Kit | Gantry Crane by Faller

I'm quite a fan of Faller model kits, especially their railroad work structures.

This Gantry Crane by Faller was really easy to assemble. All the parts fit together seamlessly, and I had the whole thing put together in less than half an hour.

I love it when a model kit comes together this easily!

Model Kit Faller Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane by Faller

The only fiddly bit to put together was the hand-crank gear mechanism at the top of the Gantry Crane. I used black thread to simulate steel cable and wound it round a few times on the wheel before attaching the hook you can see dangling at the end.

I used a drop of PVA glue on the thread to stiffen it so that the plastic hook would look like it had some weight as it hung off the end.

Model Kit Faller Gantry Crane
Closeup of the hand-crank detail at the top of the Gantry Crane. I used black thread to simulate steel cable.

The picture on the box suggested that the structure should be painted a brown, wooden color. I wanted it to stand out a bit more on my layout so I went with Model Color's white acrylic paint instead.

I used a thin coat of white paint to allow the underlying grey of the plastic kit to show through, which automatically gave it that aged and weathered look. Piece of cake!

Model Kit Faller Gantry Crane
A view from the top of the Gantry Crane. Note the simple weathering technique I used for the wooden structure.

In this mini-diorama, the Gantry Crane is supposed to look like it is loading lumber from the nearby lumber yard onto the Fleischmann wagon.

The figures pictured here are from Woodland Scenics Dock Workers set.

Model Kit Faller Gantry Crane
The Gantry Crane operator is from Woodland Scenics Dock Workers set in HO scale.
I really like the detail of the the two workers carrying the wooden crate. Makes me want to get out the fine black felt-tip pen to give these two some distinct facial features!

The odd one out from the Dock Workers set is the worker with his hand on his chin. And since he was the only one who appeared to not be doing anything, I decided make him the Gantry Crane operator.

There are few more figures from the Dock Workers set not pictured here because I haven't gotten around to placing them on the layout yet!

Model Kit Faller Gantry Crane
Woodland Scenics Dock Workers unloading crate from the orange Vollmer truck. Note lumber yard to the right of the picture.

The bright orange truck in HO scale is by Vollmer. Looking at it in closeup, I think it would benefit greatly from a detailing and weathering treatment. 

I'll do a tutorial on weathering the Vollmer truck very soon.

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