Thursday, July 12, 2012

Model Kit | Constance Signal Tower by Faller

It's been awhile (three years!) since the Sunny Model Railroad site was updated, and I can't think of a better topic to write about than this Constance Signal Tower model kit by Faller Gmbh.

This highly detailed kit is faithfully modelled after the original Constance Signal Tower that was built in 1886. The original Constance -- or Konstanz, in German -- is preserved in its original colors, in a railway museum in Blumberg, Germany.

Model Railroad Constance Signal Tower
Constance Signal Tower by Faller
Following the protoype, I painted the walls the original signal yellow and the roof a dark red. I did some simple weathering of the yellow walls and red roof with some black and brown crayon, and a quick brush with very dilute india ink. I've always liked weathering with india ink as it also brings out the detail of model kits -- details you probably would never notice if the kit was painted a basic single color.

I took some liberty with the window frames, metal supports and ladder and painted them metallic silver instead of the dull blue-gray of the original. I felt that silver paint would make the model stand out better on the layout.

Model Railroad Constance Signal Tower
A Fleischmann goods train passes under the Constance signal tower. Moose not included with the kit! 

This kit comes with transparent plastic sheets which are glued behind the window frames to create the impression of glass windows. I also installed a Fleischmann light bulb inside the tower which will be lit with its own on-off switch once I'm done sorting out the electrical wiring for all the buildings under the baseboard of my layout. Whenever that will be.

The figures in these pics are from Woodland Scenics Train Personnel set in HO scale.

Model Railroad Constance Signal Tower
A railway man signals to his colleague to get the moose away from the tracks!

Model Railroad Constance Signal Tower
Someone had better get 'round to trimming the grass near those tracks.

Like most Faller kits, the instructions that came with model were not very clear and some of the important parts did not fit together like they should have. This kit is not for beginners! More experienced model builders will enjoy the challenge though, and once the Constance Signal Tower is up with trains running under it, it adds a nice bit of historical detail to any layout.

Model Railroad Constance Signal Tower
Another view of the moose and her calf.

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