Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Model Railroading | Model Train Help 4th Edition E-Book Review

Model RailroadingModel Train Help by Robert Anderson was one of the first ebooks on model railroads I purchased.

Divided into 6 parts on 6 separate pdf files, the tutorial-styled content brings the reader step-by-step through an extensive array of topics while providing many handy tips along the way.

Although this may vary depending on your level of experience, these are some of the topics that I found most useful:

Part 1:
  • The different model scales including references to the mostly British OO and O scales
  • Track gauges and their differences
  • Steel, brass, zinc-coated and nickel silver track and a photo tutorial on how to ballast track
Part 2:
  • Analog, DCC and locomotive decoders
  • What to look out for when buying locomotives and rolling stock, both good and bad
  • A photo tutorial on couplers, types and installation
  • How to build a baseboard and frame
  • Different layout plans for point to point, oval and out and back
Part 3:
  • Modeling landscape scenery including building tunnels and mountains, making rocks, lakes, and waterfalls, adding grass cover and making realistic trees
  • Adding buildings to your layout
  • Basic weathering techniques
Part 4:
  • Track cleaning methods
  • Wiring a reverse loop and wiring for 2 train operation
  • Hot frogs and insulated frogs (turnouts)
  • Calculating sloping grades for steepness
  • Track code and their meaning
Part 5:
  • Railroad yard design
  • Garden railroads and G scale
  • Airbrushing and spraying techniques
Part 6:
  • An array of model railroad plans in various sizes
Granted that a fair bit of the information you will find in this ebook can be found scattered throughout the internet, Model Train Help nonetheless proves to be a valuable and organized one-stop resource of useful and useable content.

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