Saturday, May 16, 2009

Model Railroading | Track Curve Radiuses with Fleischmann Profi-Track

This pic shows the upper and lower curves on the left of my split-level Fleischmann model railway. Both loops are completely independent of each other, with separate Fleischmann controllers.

 I'm using Fleischmann Profi-Track radiused at 420mm (16.5") for the lower track and 356.5mm (14") for the upper layer.

I recently posted this pic on and one of the readers commented that he was amazed that I was able to get this steam engine to take the upper tighter curve. Well, actually, he was doubtful if my trains managed to make that tight a curve.

But hey, this is Fleischmann, baby!

HO Train Layouts
One of my Fleischmann trains approaching a curve

I'm not familiar with American model trains, having never owned one. But it's something I will have to bear in mind if I plan on running a US-made model train with a longer wheelbase on my layout.

HO Train Layouts
Making the curve in Windmill Valley..

So far I've never had a train derail on my layout -- ever. That's another one up for German engineering I suppose.

HO Train Layouts
Love the detail on these Fleischmann trains!

HO Train Layouts
And round she goes, Fleischmann rolling stock in tow

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