Saturday, May 2, 2009

Model Railroad Scenery | Foam Scenic Base and Initial Track Layout Part 2

Here, I've carved what will become the central valley where I plan to create a meadow and a small lake.

The blade in the cheapo pink cutter snapped and flew dangerously toward me as I was carving a section.

Model Railroad Scenery
Blue foam was used as the basic foundation for The Sunny Model Railroad. For safety's sake, always wear eye protection when cutting foam with a blade cutters!

Note to self: Always wear eye protection when cutting any type of foam!

Model Railroad Scenery
3M Painter's Tape and Cling Wrap were used to protect the Fleischmann track before plaster was applied.

In the next pic I've covered the track with 3M blue painter's tape. It doesn't leave a sticky residue on the track like regular masking tape. Never use duct tape which will leave a sticky residue that will have to be cleaned off later!

Note that I've also placed the tunnel portals in place. These tunnel portals are by Faller.

As an added precaution, I've used Cling Wrap is to protect the track further when wet plaster cloth is draped over wadded newspaper that will form the basis for the mountain.

Model Railroad Scenery
This wad of newspaper and masking tape will become a hill once covered with plaster and ground cover!

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