Saturday, May 16, 2009

Model Kit | Busch Oxeye Daisies

These are the Oxeye Daisies by Busch. At 1/87 scale, a keen eye and tweezers are required for putting these babies together..

Model Kit Busch
Busch Oxeye Daisies

This kit requires first painting the ends of the stalks a rust red before assembling the flower petals. These will form the center of each flower.

Then, the ring of petals (thankfully molded in yellow plastic) is slipped on the end of each stalk with a tiny bit of glue to form a complete flower. Each flower stalk is then glued on to the base. Definitely not for the faint of heart or weak of eye.

For an idea of the scale of these flowers, the fabric this model is sitting on is 300 thread cotton!

I placed the daisy beds on either side of the front entrance to the Chapel on the Hill. I imagine they are tended to by the local friar, perhaps?

Model Kit Busch
Busch Oxeye Daisy at the entrance to the Chapel on the Hill

Looking at the detail of this pic, I'm reminded that I need to cover the green plastic bases of the daisy flower beds with fine Earth Blend.

And I'm glad I had my Woodland Scenics Gentle Grips tweezers for this task!

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