Monday, May 4, 2009

Model Kit | Western Homestead Shanty by Life-Like Trains

This is a Life-Like Trains model of a Western Homestead Shanty. The kit came in pristine white with a grey roof so I decided to do some simple weathering to make it look more realistic.

Model Kit Life Like Trains
Laundry day at the shanty. But seriously, who would live here?

I first painted the walls with Model Color Ivory. The Model Color series of paints comes in little plastic bottles. They wash off with water when still wet which is great when cleaning brushes. I thought that the slate grey finish on the roof that came stock with the kit looked pretty good so I decided to not repaint it.

Model Kit Life Like Trains
Glaring white plastic walls weathered to look like the real thing. Note rust stains on the walls below the pipes.

To weather the walls I wet-brushed very dilute India ink to bring out the 'grain' of the wood -- these kits are finely detailed! Using tissue paper I dabbed off the excess so that it wouldn't appear too dark.

I then drybrushed Humbrol Matt Black 33, Matt Earth 29 and Model Color Basalt Grey very sparingly. To add rust to the pipes I used Humbrol Matt Rust 113 which I find comes very close to the real thing. I also drybrushed some of the Rust onto the walls below the pipes to give the impression of rust stains. I drybrushed in streaks the same colors for the roof.

To create creeping grass on the sides of the shanty's walls I used a toothpick to finely smear a small quantity of PVA glue and then sprinkled Woodland Scenics light green fine turf. You can even create vines by drawing hairlines of PVA with a toothpick and then sprinkling fine turf. The turf will adhere to the fine lines of PVA and look like vines.

Model Kit Life Like Trains
But what's that blue Porsche doing in front of the Shanty?

Lastly, I used white thread for the clotheslines and hung the 'laundry' supplied with the kit.

Looking at these pics reminds me that I have to get around to concealing the edges of the plastic base by blending it into the turf.

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