Thursday, May 28, 2009

Model Railroading | Attaching Fleischmann Profi-Track to the Baseboard

This was the method I used to attach the Fleischmann Profi-Track to my baseboard.

Fleischmann Profi-Track has a plastic roadbed molded onto the track to simulate ballast. This saves us the trouble of ballasting the track ourselves with PVA glue and fine modelling ballast which can get messy. Really messy.

And ballasting your own track it makes it nearly impossible to remove later, without damaging it, should you want to remodel and change your layout.

HO Train Layouts Profi Track
Incredible detail of the ballast stones on the roadbed of every Fleischmann track 

I'm really a fan of the Fleischmann system because of the high degree of detail on all their products, both train and track.

Above is a pic of the detail in the roadbed. You can literally count every ballast stone!

And you can also see the fine wood grain detail on the railway ties to boot!

Using 3M 4011 Exterior Mounting Tape attached to the underside of the trackbed, I fastened the track to the foam level of the baseboard. 3M 4011 is made of some sort of rubberized material, is extremely sticky and very, very strong. As an unexpected benefit it also has sound dampening properties for quieter running.

And the good thing is that if I ever decide to re-do my layout -- which will not be too far into the future -- I can simply pry off the track without damaging it.

HO Train Layouts Profi Track
3M Exterior Mounting Tape

HO Train Layouts Profi Track
Attaching 3M Exterior Mounting Tape to the bottom of Fleischmann track.

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